Papers required to work with Ober

Egyptian Uber

The Egyptian Agent Ober in Cairo / Giza / Alexandria / Mansoura

The Egyptian Ober direct in Tanta / Damanhour / Hurghada

  • Papers required to work in Ober for all governorates:
  • A recent criminal felony (not spent three months) directed to Ober.
  • Copy of driver’s license (valid).
  • Copy of the car license from front and back (mast).
  • Drug Analysis From:

Laboratory Laboratory or Nile Scan Laboratory (Cairo – Alexandria – Hurghada).
Osama El Baz Laboratory or Laboratory (Mansoura).
Mohamed Zahra Laboratory or Laboratory (Tanta).


  • Check the car in:

Center of Naceta (Cairo – Alexandria). Delta Center (Mansoura).
Pro Service Center (Tanta).
Hotline Motors (Hurghada).